Morocco a country of architectural and intellectual marvels

The world is full of so many amazing destinations and places that it becomes very difficult where to go and enjoy holidays. There are very few places in the world which encompasses everything from adventure to bustling city life from good accommodation to great cultural heritage and from amazing cuisines to stunning natural landscapes. Undoubtedly Morocco is one such fascinating destination which has everything. A visit to Morocco will give you an opportunity to see Berber settlements, Roman ruins, interesting museums, Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline, architectural and intellectual marvels etc which makes this country a must visit destination on global map that offers an unrivalled experience.

Djema el fna place in Marrakech

Djema el fna place in Marrakech

Morocco is the most westerly of the North African countries with Marrakech as its imperial capital. It is more than just a city and is an experience to enjoy. Polished by history and great traditions of hospitality, the city welcomes its guests with great zest. From the past ten years it has become Moroccan tourism capital which turned out to be a perfect capital of old and new. Its odor, music, people and their life will surely fascinates you and compel you to visit it again and again. Make a plan and start exploring the ultimate gems on the world map as Morocco is certainly one of them. So book flights to Marrakech and enjoy a beautiful journey of an equal beautiful destination which is full of amazing things to see and explore.

Pristinely beautiful beaches:- Don’t miss an opportunity to choose from among dozens of world-famous beaches in Morocco’s Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts that will surely lift your mood. From quite and secluded spots like Qualidia and Asilah to the popular resorts like Agadir visitors can enjoy various amazing beach site activities such as kite and wind surfing, strolling enjoying alluring visuals of sunsets etc to have a perfect beach holidays. Lalla Fatma, Larce and Grottes d’Hercules are among the popular beaches of Morocco.

Imperial cities:- Morocco has some of the most amazing cities that provide glimpses of Morocco’s great historical background. Casablanca is termed as Miami of Morocco due to its architectural buildings, cathedrals, churches. Cafes, restaurants, boutique hotels along with lively and colorful atmosphere make it one of the most visited cities of country. Fez is the oldest of imperial cities is the spiritual and cultural center of country. Maze of tiny streets, souks, monuments and traditional dye pits makes it an interesting place to visit to enjoy capture the essence of this beautiful city. Laid-back, bit speedy, Tangier is undergoing a transformation and is becoming a chic destination is fastly becoming a popular hangout.

Desert Adventure:- Head out into remote Sahara trek and explore the Morocco desert adventure. Walk with camels, eat Berber cuisine and sleep in tents or under the stars is truly a unique experience for visitors.

Hike in high Atlas Mountains:- If you want an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life then head towards Morocco’s mighty mountains, the Atlas Mountains is a home to terraced crops, cascading rivers and Berber villages. The rugged and wild peaks of this North Africa’s highest mountain can be reached from Marrakech within two hours and can be even explored through hiking, mountain biking or horse riding. Visit it either from Marrakech to enjoy a day trip or explore it on your own by taking several days in hiking, the choice is yours. To experience all these new adventures and many more like it, just fly to Morocco and enjoy one of the greatest journeys’s of your life.

Stay in Raid:- If you are in Morocco and won’t stay in Riad , then you have missed out something. Beautifully decked with cushions, lanterns and mosaic-tiled floors, riads are rational Moroccan houses situated normally near the souks in the middle of medina. Many of them have rooftop terraces with reclining seats, which offer stunning views of medina. It is not to be missed opportunity.

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