Morocco a fascinating destination for a nature lover

Morocco is in many ways a country apart. It nestles on the northwestern tip of Africa, separated from rest of continent by towering Atlas Mountains and by Sahara itself. Nature is never far away in Morocco and the land is blessed with deserts, mountains, valleys and sea. Its lakes are packed with trout waiting for amateur fishermen, hikers of all levels will surely love walking its mountains and more sporty will indulge in various exciting activities such as mountain biking, paragliding, mountain climbing or canoeing. All this make it a fascinating destination to visit and enjoy an eventful holidays.

The Blue Gate, Morocco

The Blue Gate, Morocco

The spirit of Morocco finds full expression in art as well. It is a country of architectural and intellectual marvels and even its everyday object rendered an extraordinary craftsmen spirit. This artistic inclination is clearly evident in its buildings, garden, fountains and market places which are the result of distinct and cohesive character and sum of its many influences. Be it sporting or cultural events, small festivals or major international trade shows, there are numerous activities on offer that will entertain you throughout your vacation no matter what ever the season or time may be. With so many things to see and explore, just don’t wait and book cheap flight tickets and enjoy a great holiday experience.

Enjoy trekking:- If you are an adventure enthusiast and love trekking, then the Rif Mountain. High Atlas Mountain Middle Atlas Mountain and Anti-Atlas Mountain will surely attract you and you find them all fight to grab attention from trekkers. Among all High Atlas mountains are more visited. The Rif Mountain peaks are not as high but they are covered with forests and caves while the Middle and Anti-Atlas mountains offer a quieter and more personal experience of nature.

Lively music:- Morocco is bustling with its live music scene. On a visit to this fascinating country you will find soothing music everywhere. Especially in the evening there is nothing like sitting around a campfire, drinking some mint tea and listening to soulful music under the stars is surely once in a life time experience for most of the visitors.

Great beaches and exciting water sports:-Stunning and beautiful beaches lining both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast and thus there is no shortage of seaside relaxation in the country. The Mediterranean coast has rockier beaches, nature preserves, desert landscapes and mountains within striking distance. More and more people come to Agadir and Casablanca which is of great interest for sand- lovers, sun-tanners, water sport lovers to enjoy an unforgettable holiday experience.

Bustling streets of Chefchaouen: – Chafchauen, a city in northern Morocco is known as one of the most atmospheric destinations in all Africa. Full of labyrinth of narrow lanes, rising walkways, classic architecture with picturesque mountains in its backdrop, the beauty of place will surely leave you awestruck. If you dream about travelling in the Arab world then Chefchaouen certainly fulfill your wishes. Avail huge discounts on business class flight to Morocco and enjoy a great holiday experience of your life.

Enjoy a visit to world’s most unique cities:- Tangier is a legendary city that surely fascinates you. If you take a ferry from Europe you will disembark here. It is a gateway to Morocco and represents a great mix of cultures. It has a lively café scene which reminds you about people of France while its souks and neighborhoods are purely Moroccan. Sitting in a café or simply strolling on its streets is a great way to enjoy leisure time in Tangier which makes your holiday experience even more enriching.

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