We Accept Guest Blog Post

In order to continually provide new and relevant material on this travel blog, we accept guest blog post submissions when they provide information that might be of interest to the travel reading this blog. Recently, we have received an influx of inquiries into the possibility of submitting guest posts. If your travel website contains a blog, you might receive these inquiries as well and it is important to set up guidelines for how to handle these requests.

We have set up the following guidelines for acceptance of guest blogs for this website:

  • The content must be entirely unique and not posted elsewhere online.
  • The content must be relevant and interesting to our readers.
  • The article must be well written and free of grammatical errors.
  • The article must agree with our overall philosophy of business.
  • If the article links to another web page, the content of that website must be relevant and not contain any offensive content.

send your post/ideas – info(at)theecommercesolution.com

While you’re developing the content, you’ll want to:

  • Write with the blog’s audience in mind. Read comments and pay attention to which posts get shared the most to aid you in this process
  • Don’t hold anything back “for later.” Pour everything you have about a subject into the blog post
  • Use graphics
  • Cite authoritative sources
  • Use research data
  • Organize your posts with subheadings and lists, and keep the paragraphs short
  • Get your points across quickly without padding the word count
  • Use plain English
  • Use anecdotes
  • Use humor
  • Figure out the most shocking, surprising, interesting, or humorous aspect of your post and mention it in the title and the first paragraph (ideally the first sentence). But don’t give so much away that the reader has no reason to continue.
  • Use “cliffhangers,” “foreshadowing” and other elements used by fiction writers to keep readers engaged in suspense. read more here (http://www.seomoz.org/blog/the-ultimate-guide-to-advanced-guest-blogging)

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